Aviation Facilities at EGE

Eagle County Airport Aviation Facilities

aviation facilities at Eagle County Airport

Aircraft Gates & Airplane Parking

A passenger boarding bridge (PLB) is not located on the concourse.  There are five gates on the apron through which passengers can access the aircraft.  Guests can access the aircraft via  air stairs  from  the apron.  There are ten air carrier parking spots for aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 757 in the commercial aircraft parking area, located north of the terminal building.


Eight thousand two hundred and twenty-three square feet of waiting area are available for passengers waiting to board their aircraft at the terminal’s five  gates.

Air Cargo

Cargo facilities are not available  at  EGE.  A commercial airline currently transports all cargo departing from/arriving from Eagle Airport.   

Airport Circulation

At EGE, the commercial terminal incorporates the concept of a great hall in the main terminal area, allowing for passenger movement.  Most of the passengers flow through  the  middle  of  the terminal. Situated around three baggage claim carousels, passengers can easily retrieve their belongings with adequate space.  While the circulation within the secure gate area of the terminal is adequate, the space becomes more congested as passengers flow out of the airport along the north wall, where concessions and restrooms can be found.

Fixed Base Operators

The Vail Valley Jet Center (VVJC) is the only FBO on the airfield. It  is situated east of the commercial terminal on the south side of the airfield.  Line service is available, as well as parking, storage, and catering on site.  Aside from fueling aircraft, the FBO also offers aircraft maintenance and aircraft decision-g. Almost all hangar space at VVJC is for transient  aircraft.  The high traffic associated with the winter ski season, coupled with inclement weather, leads to a high demand for garage space during this peak season.

Airport Hangars

There are several hangars at Eagle County Regional Airport.  Four hangars are provided by the VVJC on the GA Apron, which is the largest hangar space on airport.  Hangars of this style accommodate the larger business jet traffic that is frequent at the airport, especially during the skiing  season.  The farthest east end of the GA Apron is home to one more privately-owned corporate hangar. 9 hangars are located on the north GA apron and are either owned by the airport or are privately owned.  Additionally to the hangars, there are ten aircraft storage units, similar to T-Hangars, that are owned by the airport. 

Based Aircraft

There are 93 aircraft stored at the Airport in hangars and on tiedowns.  One half of the based aircraft (47) resides on the VVJC’s leasehold property, while the other half (46) resides on airport property outside of the leasehold.  A hangar wait list does not exist at this time.  

Aircraft Parking and Tie-downs

Located on the north GA apron of Eagle Regional Airport, base aircraft can tie down.  The airport owns these spots and leases them to aircraft  owners.  The VVJC provides apron parking for transient aircraft on the south GA apron.   For commercial aircraft, the Commercial Aprons are available.  For commercial aircraft that need to park overnight, the aircraft is parked on the Commercial Apron at the terminal  gate.