Runways and Taxiways at EGE

Eagle County Airport Runways and Taxiways

EGE airport runways
Eagle County Airport Runway & Taxiway Layout

Eagle Airport Runways

The EGE airfield configuration is comprised of one runway in use named Runway 7/25. Runway 7/25 is located west/east, and is approximately long by 9,000 feet by 150 feet wide, with 25-foot shoulders paved with. The runway is equipped with a unique instrument landing system (ILS) which includes dual localizers and distance measurement apparatus (DME) on the end of the Runway.

Runway 7/25 was designed to accommodate a weight-bearing capacity that is not greater than 75,000 pounds in the case of Single Wheel Gear (SWG) equipped aircrafts, 140,000 pounds to Double Wheel Gear (DWG) equipped aircraft, and 255,000 pounds to Double Tandem Wheel Gear (DTG) equipped aircraft. The runway is made of the grooved, asphalt graded to a high standard. The airport elevation, which is defined as being the top point of the runway of the airport measures 6,547.5 feet above sea level (MSL) and is located at the eastern edge of Runway 25.

Compasses for aircraft and runway identifiers make use of magnetic north for directional guidance. Therefore, it is crucial to examine the runway numbers of an airport every couple of years to make sure that the numbers on the runway are actually the direction of magnetic force that the runway is. The forces that drive magnetic fields all over the globe are continuously shifting, which is why the declination has to be applied to a compass in order to find a true north-facing. The current bearing of Runway 7.7 is 81deg’ 46.131″ and 261deg 56′ 58.785” for Runway 25.

As per the National Geophysical Data Center, as of the 18th of July 2011, the declination of EGE has been set at 9deg51′ east . It is shifting to 0deg every year. Applying this declination with the real bearing, it results in an magnetic heading of 72.410deg to Runway 7 as well as 252.43deg to Runway 25. This means that the present runway designations 7 and 25 are valid and do not need to be adjusted.

Eagle Airport Taxiways

The taxiway network at EGE is made from asphalt and comprises one complete length taxiway (Taxiway A) on the south side of Runway 7/25. There is also one partially parallel taxiway (Taxiway B) on the north side, as well as several taxiways that connect. Taxiway A, as well as the taxiways that connect it, have a width of 75 feet and are designed to accommodate ADG-IV (maximum 171-foot wingspan) aircraft. Taxiway B, and the taxiways that connect to it, have a width of 35 feet and are able to accommodate ADG-II (maximum wingspan of 79 feet) aircraft.